He begins to study flamenco guitar at the age of nine and debuted at the age of twelve at the Monumental theater in Madrid with great flamenco figures such as Fosforito, Paco Cepero, Manolo San Lucar, Lola Flores, Felipe Campuzano, Habichuela Family, Enrique de Melchor, among other great artists. He continues the following 7 years studying and specializing as guitarist for Cante (singing), Dance and composition, in this course he makes recordings with great flamenco singers and artists such as El niño del gastor or Merenguito de Cordoba among others.


He was guitarist for two years in the flamenco club of Fosforito in Madrid and in the same year he recorded his album (Potro Salvaje), all the songs are original compositions with the exception of Aranjuez.

For 3 years he would be the exclusive guitarist of Juanito Valderrama and Rafael Farina (two very important singers in flamenco art), touring in France, Germany and other European countries.


Juan D Anyelica relocate to Mexico, since then he established his residence in that country.


He began a very close friendship with flamenco master Paco de Lucia in the city of Cancun where also he was residing.


Juan D Anyelica recorded “El dengue” (Rumba) with Paco de Lucia on the album “Cositas buenas”, composed by Paco de Lucia and Juan D Anyelica. Since then, Juan D Anyelica was continuously working with Master Paco de Lucia especially in the studio, assisting in the composition and creation of new flamenco work, acquiring knowledge which without Paco could of not been impossible. Juan has had the great fortune to be the only direct student of the Master Paco de Lucia.


After the unfortunate death of his mentor Paco de Lucia, Juan D Anyelica directed and produced along with Oasis Cancun the greatest tribute to Paco de Lucia in the Mexican Caribbean with the presence and attendance of Gabriela Canseco (Paco de Lucia’s wife) and their two children Antonia and Diego. In this event he was able of bringing together for the first time several musicians of the original and latest ensembles to work with Paco De Lucia, such as Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Alain Perez, Antonio Sanchez, Jose Maria Banderas and other great artists such as Paquito de Rivera, Oscar de Leon and Chuchito Valdes among others.


Juan D Anyelica has been invited by virtuoso flamenco guitarist Antonio Rey to record in his latest album “sin Fronteras”, participating with Juan’s original composition “Frente al mar”, song dedicated to Paco de Lucia.

 Juan D Anyelica also has produced music for various flamenco dance productions to be performed in important theaters, utilizing other musical cultures as well to achieve a fresh and original style. Juan has collaborated in project recordings and compositions for Alejandro Sanz.

Juan is grateful for life and Flamenco… Ole!.